Congress Comes to Shippingport

Beaver Valley Site Vice President Rich Bologna provides details to Congressional members about the site’s FLEX strategy and equipment.

May 14, 2019

A Congressional hearing held in the shadow of the Beaver Valley Power Station highlighted the importance  of the U.S. nuclear industry.

The hearing was held less than a mile from Beaver Valley in Shippingport, Pa., and led by U.S. Congressman Conor Lamb (D-Pa.), chair of the House Committee on Science, Space & Technology’s Subcommittee on Energy. Members heard from a variety of experts about how the domestic nuclear industry boosts  local economies, curbs emissions  and strengthens national security.

The hearing, held May 3, featured statements and questions from members of Congress and testimony from expert witnesses. They included:

  • Dr. Pete Lyons, former Department of Energy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy and NRC Commissioner Admiral William Fallon, Retired, United States Navy
  • Tina M. Taylor, senior director, Research and Development, Electric Power Research Institute
  • Dr. Jay Apt, professor, Tepper School of Business and Department of Engineering & Public Policy; codirector, Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center.

Lamb, who represents the area near Beaver Valley, said keeping plants open is crucial to addressing climate change: “If we allow these plants to go under, a lot of that power, if not all of it, will be replaced by fossil fuels. We will never reach our goals when it comes to climate and the environment if we allow nuclear energy to collapse,” he said.

Prior to the hearing, the congressional delegation and their staffers stopped at Beaver Valley Power Station for a brief tour. They had a chance to see the replacement Reactor Head and the new Steam Generators, and there was a stop to see the site’s FLEX (Flexible Mitigation Capability) equipment.

Members of Congress were in Shippingport to hold a hearing on the important role of nuclear energy.