CEI Meter Reader Continues Perfect Performance Streak

CEI Meter Reader Nick Nowak

April 30, 2019

The Illuminating Company’s (CEI) Nick Nowak is continuing the trend of high performing meter readers across FirstEnergy Utilities’ Ohio operating companies. Like his peers at Ohio Edison and Toledo Edison (see the Feb. 21 and March 7 editions of Dispatch), Nick didn’t make a single reading error in 2018. To date, he has achieved three years of error-free performance.

“Being an electric customer myself, I expect an accurate bill. So I make sure our customers are receiving the same thing,” said Nick, who is assigned to the Strongsville Service Center. “I avoid hurrying or rushing and take my time to ensure accuracy.”

His approach is very similar to those used by FirstEnergy’s other successful readers. When Nick walks up to a meter, he reads the meter number and makes sure it matches up with the number in his handheld device. After verifying he is at the correct meter, Nick says the reading digits out loud before entering them in his handheld and verifying he has pushed the correct numbers.