CEI Families See On-the-job Safety First-hand

FEU President Sam Belcher talks with the employees manning the Transmission Lines display.

July 11, 2018

This young man proudly wears the same PPE that Dad wears on the job

Family Safety Night at The Illuminating Company’s (CEI) Brooklyn Service Center gave a whole new twist to the idea of taking your child to work. Expressions of wonder and pride were everywhere as families mingled among the safety displays, information stations and the ever-popular bucket truck rides.

“He rode in the bucket last year, and he loved it,” said one mother as she watched her young son move skyward with his line worker dad at the bucket truck controls. “He begged me to come back this year.”

Another young man dressed out in the same Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that his dad wears, including rubber gloves, dielectric shoes and headgear. Still others crowded around a demonstration of a pole-top rescue that brought a round of applause as the CEI line worker quickly lowered the mannequin to ground after scaling the pole in his spikes and safety harness.

“Our employees take a lot of pride in their work, and they enjoy showing their families what they do every day,” says CEI Regional President John Skory. “Everyone has a lot of fun doing the event, but it’s really all about working safely so you get to return home every day to your family.”

Members of the FEU Executive Leadership Team attended the event as part of the CEI Operational Performance Review meeting held on June 21-22.

Members of the FEU ELT watch a demonstration of a pole-top rescue.

It was “buckets up!” as family members took rides in the Brooklyn Service Center line trucks.