Brighter Days – and Nights – at Beaver Valley

Before and after pictures show the improvements to the Unit 1 turbine deck that included removing stains from the floor.

April 15, 2019

The Beaver Valley Housekeeping and Cultural Change Initiative Team has been busy completing a long list of needed improvements around the plant, including cleaning and lighting upgrades.

In December, the Unit 2 turbine deck and floors were cleaned giving the area a better appearance. In addition, lighting conditions on the Unit 2 turbine mezzanine and in the basement were upgraded. The team then tackled the north and south sides of the Unit 2 Personnel Access Tunnel floors. In January, the team attended to the Unit 1 turbine deck starting where the old Switchgear Chillers were removed and then cleaned the Unit 1 turbine deck to a shine before working their way to the mezzanine and west end of the basement.

“Some extra resources afforded us the ability to clean the Main Intake structure at the same time we were addressing other areas,” said Carl Hauser, supervisor, FIN Maintenance. Along with cleaning, lighting improvements continued with the addition of new light bulbs in the Unit 1 Turbine Building. According to Mike Mitchell, superintendent, Construction Services, “The major change was updating from conventional to LED lighting. It makes a world of difference and helps improve our safety posture by providing brighter work areas.” Along with improvements to the high mast-lighting, the storeroom extension also received much-needed attention.

In March, the team tackled the floor of the Unit 2 Normal Switchgear, bringing it back to its original appearance. Lighting improvements were made in the Unit 2 Service Building, the most prominent of the upgrades being ballast and tombstone replacements. Removal of scaffolding, in place since before the 2R20 outage, has been an ongoing project. Over the last several months, the number of scaffolds in the plant has been reduced from over 100 to just under 20. That work continues.

Eric Loehlein, manager, Site Maintenance, stated, “Great progress is underway. We can all support the improvements being made by protecting our plant when we set up our work areas, cleaning as we go and leaving the area better than we found it.”