Beaver Valley Unit 2 Returns to Service

November 15, 2018

Beaver Valley Power Station Unit 2 returned to service Wednesday, Nov. 14 at 10:05 a.m. following an Oct. 22 shutdown for refueling and maintenance. The 933-megawatt plant is currently online and ascending to full power operation.

While the unit was shut down, 61 of the 157 fuel assemblies were replaced. In addition, more than 7,000 work activities associated with safety inspections, preventive maintenance and equipment reliability projects were completed, including inspections of the unit’s reactor vessel head, three steam generators and turbine.

Enhancements also were made to the unit’s electrical generator to support continued reliable operations. More than 1,600 temporary contractor workers and FENOC and FirstEnergy Solutions employees supplemented the Beaver Valley workforce during the outage.

“Beaver Valley’s solid outage performance reflects the hard work and dedication of the employees, contract workers and other company personnel who helped make this refueling outage one of the best in Unit 2’s 31 years of operation,” said FENOC Chief Operating Officer Paul Harden. “Thanks to their good work, Beaver Valley Unit 2 will operate at peak efficiency while generating safe, reliable, secure and clean electricity.”

This was the 20th Unit 2 refueling outage, and was the second most efficient refueling outage in the history of the two-unit Beaver Valley Power Station. Prior to the outage, Beaver Valley Unit 2 operated safely and reliably, generating more than 11 million megawatt hours of electricity since the completion of its last refueling on May 21, 2017.