Back to Nature

Ohio Edison’s Chase Pine submitted these photos of the release of the red-tailed hawk.

April 23, 2018

Ohio Edison’s Chase Pine was among those on hand when a red-tailed hawk recently was released into the wild after recovering from injury.

“She didn’t hesitate – just flew straight out with no looking back,” says Chase, lead serviceman at the Elyria Service Center.

The hawk most likely wouldn’t be alive today without the quick actions of Chase and fellow serviceman Wesley Ware. Chase and Wesley rescued the raptor after the bird became entangled in a tie wire used to attach an electric line to an insulator. Besides an injured left leg, the hawk had received burns from contacting electrical equipment.

After the rescue, the hawk was taken to the Medina Raptor Center in Spencer, Ohio, to recover from her injuries. Chase described the bird as “extremely healthy” at the time of the recent release.