A Special Puppy Poll

Introducing Volt (l.) and Buckeye (r.). ‚Äč

December 23, 2019

A cute puppy can certainly bring a smile to your face. And you’ll smile even more knowing the pups will one day help a child in need – like the young dogs in training for Working Animals Giving Service for Kids (W.A.G.S. 4 Kids). The nonprofit organization provides service dogs for children with disabilities.

The FirstEnergy Foundation is a premier sponsor for W.A.G.S. 4 Kids, and as a part of our sponsorship, we had the opportunity to name two puppies before they go into training. The two pups are Bernedoodles – a cross between a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle.

Lorna Wisham, vice president, Community Affairs and Community Involvement, enlisted the help of THRIVE, one of our Employee Business Resource Groups, to name our pups. And according to Michael Mosely, assistant business analyst and THRIVE chair, the group was happy to do so!

“After hearing from Lorna, I sent an email to THRIVE leadership to enlist our members to submit two names each,” Michael said. “We then created a poll which included a photo of the puppies, along with the submitted names for voting. Within 36 hours of the poll, the names Volt and Buckeye received the most votes.”

Founded in 2004, W.A.G.S. 4 Kids provides mobility and autism service dogs for children throughout northeast and central Ohio. The group uses an award-winning Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction accredited training program.