May 11, 2021

Potomac Edison is working with the Electric Auto Association – a volunteer organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles (EV) – to support Maryland’s efforts to get 300,000 zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025. It’s an ambitious goal, and according to Jim Sears, president, Maryland Operations, it’s also an exciting opportunity for the company.

“Potomac Edison is committed to pursuing initiatives that will positively impact the environment in the state,” said Jim. “The formation of the Western Maryland Chapter of the Electric Auto Association will help us promote the benefits of driving electric vehicles to people who live in the communities we serve.”

Supporting the initiative is Potomac Edison’s EV Driven program, which offers residential customers a $300 rebate for installing an EV charging station at their home. In addition, property managers of apartments, condos or other multifamily communities can receive up to $5,000 per charging port with a site maximum of $20,000.

EV Terminology Explained
  • Range Anxiety – The fear that an EV has insufficient range to reach its destination and could strand the vehicle’s occupants.
  • Charging Station – A device that supplies electricity to charge plug-in electric vehicles.
  • Charging Port – A charging station can have more than one charging port, which is the connector that physically plugs into the electric vehicle.

“EV Driven will help make electric vehicle adoption more accessible, convenient and affordable in Maryland through the rebate program and our enhanced public charging network,” continued Jim. “We’ve installed 19 charging stations – with a total of 33 charging ports – across our service area to help ease range anxiety for potential EV buyers.”

One of the objectives of the Electric Auto Association of Western Maryland Chapter is to connect people who want to learn more about electric cars with current EV owners. People who drive these vehicles everyday can offer advice on maintenance, charging their cars, and how to reduce the cost of ownership by participating in Potomac Edison’s EV Driven program.

The Western Maryland Chapter plans to focus its outreach efforts on the Frederick and Hagerstown areas, as well as in Allegany and Garrett counties. The chapter also will market its benefits to customers of municipal electric systems in the region.

For more information about EV Driven, visit or email To learn more about the Electric Auto Association and how to become a member, visit*.

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