7 Ways to Take Care of the Skin Under Your Mask

January 11, 2021

We know masks are important in reducing the spread of COVID-19. Wearing one for long periods of time, however, can be hard on your skin and cause irritation or other problems. These 7 tips can help keep your skin in top shape under your mask:

  1. Wash and moisturize your face daily using a mild, unscented cleanser. Apply an unscented moisturizer immediately after to add a protective layer and reduce dryness. Be sure to use the right moisturizer for your skin type.
  2. Protect your lips by wearing lip balm. If they are especially chapped, apply petroleum jelly at night.
  3. Skip the makeup when wearing a mask. When covered by a mask, makeup is more likely to clog pores.
  4. Avoid products that can irritate, like exfoliants or pore strips.
  5. Wear the right mask. It should contain at least two layers and the fit should be snug, but comfortable. If your mask is too tight, or slides around on your face, it can be irritating to your skin.
  6. Try to take a 15-minute mask break every four hours. Good places to “take a breather” include outside where you can stay at least six feet away from others or in your car when you’re alone.
  7. Wash cloth masks in hot water after each use. Besides getting rid of germs, it will remove any irritants that collect inside the mask. Disposable masks should be thrown out after each use.

A little skin TLC can go a long way.