Reducing Exposure to Risk

Stewart Whitehair (l.) and Jeff Davis, Harrison Plant Production supervisor, conduct a demonstration of the breaker simulator.

November 11, 2019

When electricians at Harrison Power Station found that the difference in breaker boxes had the potential to make it difficult for some workers to recognize a breaker failure, or verify that power is fully disengaged when the equipment appears “off,” they stepped in to help control exposure for themselves and for others.

“I would never want a coworker exposed to the risk of an event,” said Harrison Electrician Stewart Whitehair. “We thought about what we might do to minimize that exposure. Workers need to be able to identify failed equipment. That was our goal.”

Electricians came up with the idea for a simulator with various types of breakers to train workers to recognize when a breaker may not have opened – even when they have thrown a switch.

The examples were installed on a large board, creating a simulator where workers could learn how to clearly recognize if the breaker appears to be not working properly.

Harrison employees are not alone – regulated generation employees across the organization are embracing a culture of Risk Management.

Workers at the Fort Martin plant constructed their own simulator, featuring examples of breakers there, and Mobile Maintenance built a breaker simulator for Eastlake.

Plant-wide training on the simulators emphasizes employees should stop work if there is any question about breaker status and call in electricians to resolve the issue.