Pennsylvania Governor Issues Executive Order on Climate Change

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf

January 24, 2019

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf made news Jan. 15 by issuing an executive order to address what he referred to as “the threat” of climate change. The order sets a new target for the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 26 percent by 2025, a move he said will align Pennsylvania with the goals established under the 2015 Paris Climate Accord.

This declaration underscores Pennsylvania’s desire to reduce carbon emissions, a byproduct of fossil fuels. Wolf laid out a plan to increase the use of renewable energies, create more incentives for electric vehicle use and to keep nuclear plants running so they can maintain their generation at current levels.

“We believe Governor Wolf’s plan, while ambitious, is an opportunity to continue the discussion regarding the need to maintain and support operation of the state’s nuclear power plants,” said Beaver Valley Site Vice President Rich Bologna, who suggested the state should take an “all of the above” approach and include nuclear, gas, solar, wind, hydro and coal.

Nuclear energy in Pennsylvania generates 42 percent of the state’s overall electricity, and 93 percent of the state’s emission-free energy. Clean, reliable, carbon-free nuclear energy also supports 16,000 Pennsylvania jobs.

According to Dave Griffing, FES vice president of Government Affairs, “Nuclear plants will play a vital role in helping Governor Wolf achieve his goals and set the bar higher for cleaner air and environmental stewardship in Pennsylvania. This is a very positive step forward.”