Ohio County Commissioner Group Tours Davis-Besse

Davis-Besse Chemistry Manager Mike Brasile explains the environmental benefits of the nuclear industry and the plant's unique relationship with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to manage the adjacent marsh land.

April 16, 2019

Advocates for the Ohio nuclear plants continue to drum up support for legislative measures and meaningful market reforms to help ensure Davis-Besse and Perry continue to run in the future. Mark Stahl, Ottawa County commissioner, recently invited fellow members of the County Commissioners Association of Ohio to tour Davis-Besse and they responded in a big way with about 50 tour participants.

Visitors received an overview of the nuclear industry and a primer on how the plant operates before heading to the Control Room Simulator, Dry Fuel Storage Facility, Emergency Feedwater Building, Turbine Deck and the Control Room.

Afterward, Dave Griffing, FES External Affairs executive vice president, led a roundtable discussion amongstakeholders. Dave said the day was all about building advocacy around the state. He’s spent a great deal of time talking to lawmakers and other groups and believes opening the plant for tours is important. “Having people see the plant puts it into perspective,” Dave said. “So, it’s critical that we get them to tour the plant, because it makes them stronger advocates.”

He noted visitors seemed impressed by how secure the site is and by the morale of the employees they met. “Everybody here loves their job. They approach their job in a professional manner and understand the responsibility they have,” Dave added.

Mark said it’s important for supporters of the nuclear plants to be aligned because he thinks there will only be one chance to get the legislation right in Columbus. “A short-term market condition is causing some people to consider allowing these long-term strategic assets to close,” Mark explained. He encouraged state lawmakers to take time to “think this one through.”

Legislation to support nuclear was introduced in the Ohio House last Friday. A similar bill introduced in the Pennsylvania legislature several weeks ago to support nuclear plants in that state, including FENOC’s Beaver Valley Power Station.