Energy Efficiency Kits Available

FirstEnergy's 2020 energy efficiency kit for Ohio customers includes LED lightbulbs, a night light, seven-outlet powerstrip and furnace filter whistle.

January 8, 2020

If you made a resolution to make your home more energy efficient this year, you’re in luck!

FirstEnergy residential customers* in Ohio can easily accomplish this goal by requesting our company’s new 2020 energy efficiency kit, available upon request to eligible customers. This year’s kit was especially designed to help residents capture energy savings by minimizing electricity usage and eliminating phantom and standby power losses from appliances.

Included products to help customers capture energy savings consist of:

  • LED lightbulbs
  • LED night light with automatic sensor
  • Seven-outlet advanced powerstrip
  • Furnace filter whistle

“Our Ohio kit program is part of a larger portfolio of energy efficiency programs designed to help residential, commercial, industrial and low-income customers save energy and money,” said Nicole Williams, manager, Energy Efficiency Residential Implementation Programs. “The products are easy to use, environmentally-friendly and will add tangible savings to customers’ monthly utility bills.”

To order your 2020 energy efficiency kit, visit or call 866-784-9750.

*Customers who received kits from 2017-2019 are ineligible for this offer.