Customer Shout-Out – Met-Ed

July 28, 2020

Line & Substation Supervisor Dave Berger received the following email from Met-Ed customer Lou Reda, thanking our workers for restoring service to his Easton, Pa. film production studio following a power interruption.

“My electrician told me that the problem was not a fuse, and I had to call Met-Ed. Within an hour of my call, you were on the scene giving me a brief description of next steps … determined to get my power restored. You kept me totally informed as to what was going on. Your company’s automated messaging service was also timely and extremely accurate. I am totally blown away by the service I received. That last thing you said to me – ‘we are just doing our job’ – will be remembered. Be safe during these incredible times.”

Dave said the issue was a faulted cable. Crew members took extra care to assure the customer they would be working under COVID-19 protocols while making repairs: “We put together a game plan and replaced the cable. Our workers did a great job of using our Questioning Attitude and Self-Checks/Peer Check human performance tools — along with strictly abiding to the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines.”

Crew members were: Utility Construction & Maintenance (UC&M) 1st Class employees Bob Oddo, Gary Lechman, Ted Miller, Josh Gilmore and Dan Smith; and UC&M Apprentice (4th year) Spencer Ruhmel.